1. What is Piblu?

Piblu stands for Pink or Blue and is a Social Media for all those who love children. You can share photos and videos of all the cute things children do that brightens our minds.


  1. Who are the users of Piblu?

Everyone! Whether you are a mother, father, grandparent or just a baby lover. Create profile for yourself and keep sharing all the lovely moments.


  1. Is there any age limits of my children content that I can post?

We would love if you restrict your posts of children upto age of 12 years.


  1. Who can see my posts?

All the posts on Piblu is visible to every user on our application. Also, some of these posts are used for our marketing and publicity purposes on platforms like other social media, play stores, our marketing posters etc.


  1. What do I benefit by using Piblu app?

Piblu wants to bring out the talent that each and every kids possess. So by using Piblu, you get an opportunity to showcase your kids talents to the world! Plus you get your dose stress-relief just by looking at many such cutie pies from across the globe!


  1. Are my posts shared with others outside Piblu app?

Any post can be shared by users of Pibly outside Piblu app. We might also share your posts for our marketing and publicity purpose outside Piblu app.


  1. Can someone post random posts on Piblu app?

We try our best to keep the focus on to show-off kids talents on Piblu app. We are in the continuous process of avoiding unnecessary elements disturbing our prime focus. Hence we try our best to make sure that no-one posts random content on Piblu app.


  1. Can I tag someone in the post?

We are still working on this feature currently and may be in the very near future, you will be able to tag your other Pibloos.